Flowerhorn Fish- A Creation of Man

Published: 20th September 2010
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A manmade hybrid: called Flowerhorn fish that was first produced in Malaysia and Taiwan in 1990's and was eventually presented to the United States. It is the combination of the genes of the Red Devil Cichlid (genus Amphilophus are generally species from Central America) and the hyrid Blood ParrotCichlid. And in 1995, further studies were made to crossbred it by mixing the other species of South Americans Cichlid - either Trimac Cichlid and Midas Cichlid ( Amphilophus citrinellum ), Redheaded cichlid (Vieja synspila).

Flowerhorn fish became the favorite of breeders because of its attractive colors and its protruding head. Its one of a kind bred that is why it is greatly loved by the breeders. Feeding them is not a problem since they eat any mea or pellets. Nevertheless, it produces a lot of undesirable wastes which can pollute the water in the aquarium so changing it at least twice a week is a need.

This species of fish needs proper attention. The breeder needs to make sure that the aquarium is (approximately 20-30 gallons of tank) since it grows in about 12 inches in length and 3kgs in weight. And the temperature of water must be 80-85 F (25C). Moreover, two or more Flowerhorn should not be kept in one container since its very territorial.

The Flowerhorn fish has a lot of breeds and one of the artificial creations that has white or yellow eyes, fan tail, protruding water-colored head flowers and square body is the Kamfa. People believed that it brings luck and fortune especially to the Feng Shui believers in Asian countries. No wonder, it will be a demand in the markets albeit it is extremely expensive.

Despite its attractiveness, there are some people criticize its breed. Some critics argued that man should not defy the creation of God - its beauty and uniqueness. They are afraid that this wild fauna will be a big disturbance to Mother Earth and might cause severe environmental problems. Yet a lot of people do not mind its harmful effect even though it is enormously rare to find.

The creation of the Flowerhorn fish gave a big impact to the multitude especially to the animal raisers despite the risk that they may encounter in the future. Its distinct image will help us remember the greatness and ingenuity of an individual that changed his life forever.

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